About Us

While the blog and podcast will feature a number of UFC students throughout the year, the following students are the members of the “This Brazilian Life” team. These students are responsible for outreach about podcasts, helping edit draft narratives, and finalizing everything!

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I’m Eduardo and I study Portuguese and German at UFC. I like the idea of listening to other people’s stories, so This Brazilian Life seemed like a great opportunity. I also like to learn languages and this was a great chance to practice my English.


I’m Italo André and I also study Portuguese and German at UFC. I really like the idea of This Brazilian Life because I want to share what I know about my country and learn more from others. I also thought this was a great opportunity to practice my English.


I’m João Paulo, I’m 23 years old,  and I am working on my MBA at UECE, the state university of Ceará. I love cats, books, and beaches, and I think This Brazilian Life will be a great opportunity for cultural exchange.


I’m Pedro Ítalo and I’m a Civil Engineering student in my fifth semester at UFC. In August, I will be going to U.S to study abroad at the University of New Hampshire. I’m really excited for this opportunity.


I’m Isadora and I study Portuguese and English at UFC. I’m trying to fight against my shyness to be a part of this awesome project. I can’t wait to see what others have to say about my country.

 Douglas (not pictured)  I’m a 19-year-old history student in my fifth semester at UFC. I really approve this initiative since it’s a way of sharing different experiences about this country while we practice English. 


I’m Missy and I’m a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant at UFC. I’m so excited to be back at UFC and helping with this new initiative. I think This Brazilian Life is a great chance for intercultural exchange and a chance for me to learn more about Brazil!

Disclaimer: This is not an official Department of State podcast or blog, and the views and information presented are our own . These views  do not represent the Fulbright Program of the U.S. Department of State or the Federal University of Ceará (UFC).


One thought on “About Us

  1. Hey, guys. I am IMPRESSED. You are doing a very good job and certainly improving your English.

    You are right, João Paulo. UECe is a great university and I learned to respect its professionals when I took my master’s course in Letras there. It has been facing a lot of problems and we all know that. But a university is made of people and if all of them want to make it work, it will work no matter what. I am sure UECe will live better days in a very near future.

    As for our UFC children, well … I am very proud of you and very happy to have, together with Marcos Norelle (CCB), Glaucya Gislayne (CCB, NucLi), Andreia Turollo (DLE), Vládia Borges (CH Director), Glória Guará (UAB/UFC), made the ETA project possible with Capes and Fulbright’s financial support.



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